On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Skoltech Unmanned Vehicle Program (UVP) I’m pleased to welcome all our participants and industrial experts! Our Program awards 9 to 12 months of funding for translational research to bridge the gap between laboratory and marketplace in the area of Unmanned Vehicles  and to drive innovation and entrepreneurship at Skoltech. The Program provides critical support for participating teams to help establish proof of concept and provide assistance with advancing their technology towards commercialization, including pre-start up identification of high potential market opportunities, intellectual property management, and, if appropriate, team development. UVP is aimed at minimization of  two major types of risk – technical and market, ensuring that the invention meets both market and technological requirements and finds its niche. The purpose of the program is to bridge the gap between the laboratory and the marketplace by taking the advances in multiple technological and scientific fields and apply these on to an unmanned vehicle or a related service; and to serve as a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship in the university ecosystem.  Commercialization of results of research efforts is a key idea of projects in UVP. Thus, Program promotes applied research and motivates research teams to take risk and be entrepreneurial. Projects are selected in the following areas related to unmanned vehicle technologies of Skoltech: IT, Energy, Biomedicine, Space, and Civil Nuclear Technologies. Successful outcomes for each participating research team are multidimensional. It might be licensing of a newly developed technology to to an existing industry partner, attracting new research funds or even launching a start-up company. But mostly important is lerning new competences and skills in interaction with real industry and market environment.